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Oct 15, 2018

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Mechanical Testing of Rubber

In the latter case, the conditions under which the product is to be used must be recognized and then simulated to the maximum possible extent. These days, almost all tests are static tests, that is to say one pulls, presses, or shears using a constant speed in one direction, repeatedly until the test sample breaks or yields in some way or the other. A majority of the products are subjected to dynamic stress in their daily use. There could be regular or random differences in the deformation rate and direction, frequently linked to other changes in the environment in which they are employed. In principle, a product should always be tested dynamically if it is to be subjected to dynamic stress in its regular use. The prerequisite in order to be able to establish the properties of rubber material is to have suitable testing techniques. At present, complete international cooperation in standardization has provided many generally accepted techniques; the article will deal with the most important of these. The most common technique of defining the density of a rubber material is to weigh a test piece in water and air. Weighing in air gives the actual weight and weighing in water gives the volume. The density is then calculated by dividing the weight by the volume.

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